Welcome to OWHvoices, an experimental forum that allows people and organizations to share information and viewpoints on the state of conservation of World Heritage sites.

OWHvoices is an initiative of OurWorldHeritage, a movement that aims to strengthen UNESCO’s World Heritage program by providing open, transparent and stimulating discussions, and building up public awareness in World Heritage conservation.

The forum starts on the occasion of the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee. In this session, the Committee will discuss the state of conservation of 21 sites. We have pre-listed those 21 sites in the first part of the forum, so you can post your contributions in parallel with the Committee meeting.

Meanwhile, draft decisions for 234 other World Heritage sites will be approved by the Committee without further discussion. Should you wish to open a discussion on those, or other sites of your concern, you can add them by creating ‘new topics’ in the second part of the forum.

This first experimental forum will serve as a learning platform to develop, in the coming year, new focused discussion groups on World Heritage sites and to continue to follow-up the work of the World Heritage Committee. 

All sessions will be moderated by members of OurWorldHeritage. Please review the forum rules here, and participate by registering as a forum member.


STEP 1: Navigate to FORUM on the main menu

STEP 2: Register and/or login
Click ‘Register‘ to create an account, then confirm through the link you get on your email. Make sure your email address is spelled correctly. If you already registered, click ‘Login‘ and login. Please make sure you are aware of the forum rules.

STEP 3: Add a reply
In the list of World Heritage site, navigate to the site you want to comment on and click ‘Add Reply‘.

STEP 5: Add a World Heritage site
If you want to add a World Heritage site, scroll all the way down, click ‘OPEN DISCUSSION ON OTHER WORLD HERITAGE SITES‘, then click ‘Add Topic’.

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Photo credits: Alexandra Karnasopoulos through www.pexels.com.