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Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

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Hello everyone,

Great Barrier Reef (Australia) will be discussed during the UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting this year. This site, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1981, is proposed for inscription on the list of World Heritage in danger.

For relevant documents please find item 90: (EN) or (FR).

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This site is open for discussion during the Committee:

It has a long history...I recall the statement of the representative of Australia in 2015, promising their utmost efforts to follow up the decision of the Committee ( The Committee strongly encouraged their accelerated efforts in 2017 ( I think the Committee needs to put more pressure to Australia to recognize the serious concern from the international and local societies and move forward. Inscribing the Great Barrier Reef on the List of World Heritage in Danger can be a good way to push them-!

Btw, the intervention from Greenpeace in 2015 was very impressive, and let me share the video clip of the scene:

* See from 220



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This is also linked to WH strategic policies on climate change - see the recording :

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Watching the discussion on the committee brought up the gap between global climate change and human-induced factor as well as more concerns about controllable and uncontrollable factors. The management plan by the State Party alone would not be enough to make appropriate preventive measures. The Australian government needs to expand the range of effort into international community or neighbor states, based on detailed future plans. Just delaying and preventing it from inscribing on the WH in danger list is not the ultimate solution. We all knows...