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The Sundarbans (Bangladesh)

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Hello everyone,

The Sundarbans (Bangladesh) will be discussed during the UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting this year. This site was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1987.

For relevant documents please find item 91: (EN) or (FR).

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Chief among the pressures on the Sundarbans of Bangladesh are poverty, good local governance and infrastructure to support human settlements, destruction of mangrove habitats and climate change events. The intersection and collisions of nature and culture are apparent at the Sunderbans. Com[plex issues need innovative and through actions.

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After several visits to Bangladesh since 2015 as a part of training program with the State Party , I personally believed that the State Party should put more emphasis on the breeding up their own WH experts in joining appropriate training programs in collaboration with UNESCO office by sending their young professionals and personnel to get appropriate skills including mapping and management planning with advanced technologies. We all know the global climate change  is imminent threat to human-being, but we don't know how to prevent or how to mitigate its negative impacts. The intensity of threat is different from different places. Sundarbans of Bangladesh are suffering from poverty, inferior infrastructure, development pressure, and others.  This is why we need to prepare for local trained human resources, from younger generations, which need to be inserted in the official management plans.