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Trang An Landscape Complex (Viet Nam)

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Hello everyone,

Trang An Landscape Complex (Viet Nam) will be discussed during the UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting this year. This site was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2014.

For relevant documents please find item 76: (EN) or (FR).

We welcome you to take part with your comments and information on the conservation of this site. OurWorldHeritage will moderate the forum according to the rules described here. You can write in your own language, but we encourage you to use English to facilitate the dissemination of your ideas.


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I visited the site in July 2018 with the site manager. I am pleased to know that the movie set has been removed; at the time, it was clear to everyone that it had to be dismantled sooner or later, but according to managers, for many tourists, it was the first reason for visiting the site. Reconciling conservation and development is, indeed, one of the most challenging issues in the heritage field. Does anyone have fresh updates about the site?

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